My story is simple. I grew up in small town in Illinois and was lucky enough to fall in love with design at a young age. As a child I found early influence from my mother (a graphic designer), and quickly realized that I would follow a similar creative path. In 2006 I moved to the west coast to begin my education and pursue the development of my skills within design. 

I am hardworking and determined to do great things within this industry. My strengths consist of my time efficiency as well as my willingness to take on challenges. Throughout design we find ourselves encountering all different types of road blocks that can either make or break us. I take these opportunities to learn as much as I can while moving forward in a timely manner. I find that open communication and diversity are key components to quick problem solving, and these skills have allowed me to increase my knowledge of design on a daily basis.

After a decade on the west coast, I am now back in the midwest and ready to embark on the next chapter of my career. It is my goal to continue working with a creative team of people and find new ways to challenge myself as an artist and designer.